Monday, November 29, 2010

Fun Monday// Christmas Shopping

Julie is hosting fun Monday's for November.  Today's topic is.

When do you start your Christmas shopping? On Black Friday? Cyber Monday? And, who is the hardest person to buy for?

Wow!! I usually start trying to get in the Christmas spirit by Thanksgiving.  I start to shop around on Cyber Monday. I have no problem getting what gifts I want.  It's just not a challenge anymore.  All of my family, makes a Christmas list.  So I know what I'm getting for each of them.  I will be done shopping by the time I go to bed tonight.  Hopefully this will ring true this year.

The hardest person to buy for would be my dad.   He has everything and what he doesn't have and want I would never be able to afford. (Wheatherby rifles) So he is my challenge.  It's usually a gift card from one of his favorite stores.

I also have a husband who has a birthday in December.  The 20th so it's a challenge to get Christmas and his birthday and not combine the two.  I think we have it all planned for this year.


  1. Congratulations, Your early shopping undoubtedly leaves you time to enjoy the holiday season in other ways.

  2. I hear you on the Birthdays close to Christmas, my Dad and both my boys were all born in January. Makes it hard for ideas and sometimes it's a big bite of the budget too.

  3. My mom's birthday is in January, so we luckily just take anything off of her list that she didn't get for Christmas and just shove it over to her birthday! lol.

  4. You're a woman with a system, Stefanie. Glad you've found a way to take the stress out of holiday shopping so you can enjoy the season with an easy mind.

  5. My sister's birthday is Christmas Day so I feel your pain! Glad you done and relatively stress-free.