Monday, November 15, 2010

Fun Monday// Christmas Decor

Julie is hosting fun Monday's for November.  Today's assignment is.

The topic for this Fun Monday -
When do you start decorating for Christmas?
Do you go all out? Or just put up a tree? Do you have a theme each year?

I usually start decorating the Friday after Thanksgiving.  When we lived in the city it would take days and days to decorate.  We had a huge seven foot tree, it seemed massive. You know the kind where you have to take a break while decorating it.

Since we have moved to the country, we have downsized alot.  Last year I found the cutest tree, the kind you could leave undecorated and have up all year round.  Well we don't, but you could.  I have so many decorations, that only about half of them get put up.  I used to buy a new set of colored ornaments each year.  I have stopped doing that.  My tree is red ornaments, white lights, and pretty tree skirt. 

Around the house we place all the ornaments my mom has done for us, she started doing it in the 80's, so I have plenty, before Hubs and The Boy.  Every year she has a theme, buys all the ornaments and places our names and the date on them.  She does this for all the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  She starts on this project right after Halloween.

Guess what we will be doing next Friday??  I'll try to remember to post pictures.


  1. I can't get it together enough to decorate after Thanksgiving... it usually waits until mid-December when work stuff starts to calm down. I'm looking to downsize the decorating a bit... hard to do when you have a kid whose eyes still light up at the thought of Christmas morning!

  2. This is when my hubby likes to do it too. Decorate, that is. Sometimes he tries for earlier. He's been mentioning decorating since before Halloween!

  3. I like to get everything up soon after Thanksgiving so that we can enjoy it through the holidays since it seems to go by so quickly. I like your Mom's tradition of making the ornaments. Sounds like you have many cherished heirlooms.

  4. I used to decorate only after Thanksgiving, but thgis year, I think I am going to begin a bit earlier. Need time to relax and enjoy our family instead of rushoing to get the house pretty in December. Continued Blessings, Stefanie.