Sunday, November 21, 2010

Busy Week//Day

I just set down to write a few lines and realized it's been almost a week since I have posted anything.  Is that bad?  It's been a busy week, today has been just crazy busy.  I haven't felt myself all week I have an ear and sinus infection, so my world feels a little off.  I haven't worked out almost all week, wow I have to get back on that tomorrow. 

Today was our church's Thanksgiving Dinner.  We had so much food, isn't that the way it is such good cooks make an over abundance of good food.  I took hot rolls, pumpkin poke cake, pumpkin muffins and wild rice stuffing.  I have to brag on my hot rolls.  They all turned out great.  I mean I can make bread but it's never been this good.  Not for sure if it was the yeast, the temperature outside or just that I took my time.  Whatever the reason I hope to continue to duplicate it.

Our church hosted Ministerial Alliance this evening.  What a wonderful feeling when all the community churches can come together and worship.  I just have to say I love my church and all the people that attend.

Have a wonderful evening. 

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