Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunday Water Fun

Yesterday was HOT in our area of the state I think they said it was 104.  The boy wanted to have a water gun fight.  Hubs told him okay. They went outside to have said water fight and of course one of the water guns wouldn't work so Hubs just used the hose.

The Boy was having a blast squirting Hubs.  Hubs said the water in the gun felt like bath water so he just stood there and let him go at it.

Look at that wet soaked face.  I'm thinking I was in trouble, of getting a blast of water from his wildness.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


That's me weepy.  I've always been the person who can cry at just a thought.  It worked well when I wanted to get out of something.  Let me just say I cry at weddings, funerals, movies, books who doesn't?  I cry at the funeral possession of someone I don't know when I see one.  I'm weepy, sap, tender hearted, heart on my shirt sleeve whatever you wanna call it.  That's me.

Today I'm shedding a few of these free flowing tears for my friend Julie as she starts the next phase in her fight against breast cancer.

Please send up a few prayers for her and the awesome McD.  A few tears never hurt anyone, didn't do wonders for makeup.  But oh well.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Cabinet Update

We have an appointment this Saturday to finalize all the details, pick out the countertop and hardware.  I'm so excited.  Will post some before pics soon.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Remodel Update

We are still discussing the dressing room (extra bedroom) becoming a huge walk in closet.  I haven't let Hubs forget that's what I want, its just been placed on a really back burner. 

Since Hubs has went back to work our great family vacation plans have had to change.  No cruise to Alaska this summer.

We have decided to add cabinets to our dining room.  We have no storage space.  Just the few cabinets that are in the kitchen.  We purchased a free standing cabinet back when The Boy was born for the extra items we would need to store.  It's not a very attractive cabinet and over the years has become weak.

We made an appointment with the local home improvement store personnel and designed our new cabinets.  The completed project will actually look like a built in buffet with hutch.  We received the final blueprints a few days ago.  It will be a whole new look for this room.  It will take a few weeks to have the cabinets made and then we will schedule a time to have them installed.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Let me start by saying I love shoes.  I really puffy heart shoes.  Shoes shoes shoes make my world go around.

Whew.  Now that I have told you how I feel about shoes.  Imagine going to see a foot specialist and he says "you will have to wear orthopedic shoes."  What?

No.  Those are the kind of shoes my Granny wears.  She has a black pair, brown pair and a white pair.  Yikes..

A little background.  I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis the first part of this year.  I had totally torn all the ligaments in the bottom of my left foot.  I came home with a pretty boot I had to wear every night.  Was told not to go barefoot around the house, only to shower and go potty in the middle of the night.  One month of therapy and wear orthopedics in my shoes.

I faithfully did all these things.  I went back in a moth for my check up.  Wear the boot on occasions when I've had a stressful day on my feet.  No more therapy and I brought home my own personal tens unit.  It basically stimulates your nerves.

I was told no more flip flops.  Oh but I could purchase some special orthopedic ones from a prescribed website. 

Okay for starters I love shoes.  I can't be limited to orthopedic shoes.  Have you seen those things.  Uggh.

I actually did get on the website.  Ok they really don't look like I had pictured in my head.

I recently went to a shoe store in our town and bought some shoes.  These are not orthopedic, but they are really supportive of my high arch and keep my foot from sliding around.  I do cheat and wear some regular flip flops once or twice a week.  I can really tell the difference.

This is the black pair.

The bronze pair I went back two days later and bought.

Monday, June 6, 2011


I haven't posted anything in over a month.  NO WAY!!  I was going to be so good at this blog thing.  Guess I kinda pushed it aside for life.  So much has happened over the last month where do I begin. 

Hubs went back to work, after four years of being a house husband, this is a big change for all of us.  It is more than a full-time job, he works anywhere from 60 to 70 hours a week.  I have taken the house chores and cooking over, how do you working people keep up?  It's never ending.  Plus trying to figure out what to make for dinner.

My friend Sarah at Sprucehill passed away after fighting like a girl with her bout of cancer.  Sarah I miss you everyday. 

My bestie Julie over at Another Chance Ranch had a mastectomy of her left breast.  She came through the surgery like the fighter she is.  Please continue to keep her in your prayers.  The hard part is just going to start for her.

Me?  I'm still silly Stef.  I have a good post coming up on orthopedic shoes.  Doesn't that grab your attention?
Ha Ha!!!

Talk to you in a bit.