Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Remodel Update

We are still discussing the dressing room (extra bedroom) becoming a huge walk in closet.  I haven't let Hubs forget that's what I want, its just been placed on a really back burner. 

Since Hubs has went back to work our great family vacation plans have had to change.  No cruise to Alaska this summer.

We have decided to add cabinets to our dining room.  We have no storage space.  Just the few cabinets that are in the kitchen.  We purchased a free standing cabinet back when The Boy was born for the extra items we would need to store.  It's not a very attractive cabinet and over the years has become weak.

We made an appointment with the local home improvement store personnel and designed our new cabinets.  The completed project will actually look like a built in buffet with hutch.  We received the final blueprints a few days ago.  It will be a whole new look for this room.  It will take a few weeks to have the cabinets made and then we will schedule a time to have them installed.

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  1. Sounds like it will be fantastic! Storage space around here is a premium as well.