Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday Fun Day

This is how our Saturday started.  This is the boy and his Weatherby Rifle.  His Meme and Poppy bought this for his 10th birthday.
Today was cool day, so it was perfect weather for some rifle shooting, the gun doesn't get to hot, either does the shooter. I didn't stay out to long, I'm wimpy.

This is my dad, he totally loves the sport of shooting, guess I come by it naturally.

The targets were close ones today, about 100 yards away.  You can't see the backstop from these pictures, but it's out there with used bottles filled with water in front of it.  These make the best targets, they explode when fired upon. 

We hope to get a few more Saturday's of shooting in before it gets really cold..

1 comment:

  1. If we would've been able to come over I would have been in the house with you. :) It was chilly!

    Looks like fun was had by all!