Friday, October 29, 2010

Broken Scale

As you all know I've been trying to lose some weight.  I started out doing the South Beach Diet, it was pretty successful, but I grew tired of it really quick.  So now I've just been trying to eat better, and get some exercise.  This doesn't mean it has always went that way.  There has been the bacon cheeseburger and fries, the peanut butter cups.  Oh well.

I went to the Dr. yesterday for a little check up.  Of course you must get your weight and blood pressure, no matter what.  I got on the scale and it said the same thing mine say at home.  Well mind you I get on my scale every Monday morning bare so something was totally amiss.  The nurse said I think your scale at home is broken.

Hubs happened to be in town with me.  He went to the local super center and bought us a new analog scale, I just don't know if I trust a digital scale now.

I hopped out of bed this morning, and darted to the bathroom ready for my day. This of course is just a great picture in my mind.  I did make it finally to the bathroom after snuggling with each dog, I got on my new analog scale.  Yep the digital one is broken.  I've been doing circuit training and cardio, and now I see the real number the scale should read.

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