Monday, October 18, 2010

Fun Day

We headed out Saturday morning in time to eat lunch at a place we have heard good things about.  Well we got there and the place was so packed, the wait for a table was over an hour and half. So we turned around and went to Olive Garden.  We ate and then we ventured back to the place.  It's called Pop's man it was still busy.  We went in and each of us picked out a six pack of pop.  I'm not sure what we ended up with there are so many different variety's and they all are in glass bottles.

We then decided we would venture to The Round Barn, well there was a wedding in progress so I snapped this picture as we drove by.

I got some shopping in on this trip, and the guy's actually were well behaved.  We also picked up the boy's Halloween costume.  You will have to wait to hear about that.  It was a great Saturday.  I really enjoy the day trips that are not far from home, you can go somewhere during the day and be home for your own bed that night.

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