Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Days

Did you love snow days as a child?  I did. It meant getting dressed in our snow suits and moon boots.  We would trek out in the cold and stomp around for a little while.  Come in the house mom would have hot mocha ready for us.  Now that I have grown up, never thought I would get another snow day.  Well the last two days we have had snow days.  Yesterday we were able to get out and about, not today we are stuck. 

Hubs spent two hours digging this section out on the driveway.  Alright we can get out and go to town.

Not a chance this is the road.  We are stuck inside until the neighbor gets his tractor out and does the road for us.

The worst part of this snow day, The Boy is sick.  We really were looking forward to getting his 4-wheeler and sled out and having a blast in these big drifts.


  1. Sure hope The Boy is better soon. Looks like the snow will be here for a while, maybe he can still get some playing time in.

    Now you get well!!

  2. I have never been in a place where "snowed in" was an option...until now. However, Denver weather hasn't given us more than a few inches at a time.... *sigh* :)