Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Phone Call

Ever had one of those days where everything is crazy?  That was my day today.  The office phone doesn't stop ringing, and it feels like you are being pulled in a million ways. 

Then I received a phone call that made my day.  I couldn't stop smiling, maybe people were wondering what I was up to.  I had to call my bestie Julie just to hear her voice and say woohoo!!!

Love those phone calls, it just takes a minute or two to change someones day.

With God's help we can scale a wall, build one, or tear one down.


  1. So true! Sometimes just a simple smile can turn around someone's lousy day. Blessings, Stefanie.

  2. Awww! You made my day yesterday, and then again today! You will make my day again tomorrow too! Woohoo! Three days in a row!