Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kitchen Remodel

Do you think when you start a remodel you will ever be done?  That is the way we have been thinking for some time now.  We started a couple of months ago on our kitchen.  The project just keeps going.  We had new screens made for the big window, they were finally finished today.  Big G installed them, I can't believe the difference a screen makes.  Well yes I can.  Can you believe what a difference a coat of paint makes.  These are a couple of pictures of my very old, and very loved metal cabinets.  

This a top corner cabinet.

This is the original tag on the inside of the cabinet door.

These cabinets are really old, but I love them.  Big G spent hours sanding these down and painting them.  I wish I would have taken a picture of them before.  They were just ugly, they had turned a dirty yellow color from being so old.  Sorry Circa 1940 is old to me.

I would take another set of these in a heartbeat.  It's just something about being old that gets to me.  I really like antiques, well our house is one.

Our little kitchen is almost complete.  Big G and I have agreed that will be it for a while. I think I had fingers crossed behind my back.

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