Monday, March 28, 2011

Proud Momma

The Boy is in fifth grade this year at school.  Well its almost the end of school for the year.  It's been a year of new school activities for our little family. 

The Boy is in his first organized sports. We've done football, basketball, now onto track.
He is also in band.  He decided he wanted to play the trombone, when it came time to pick your instrument.  He was told he could pick any one he wanted. 

The band has had one performance this year, it was the Christmas program at school.

 He was recently picked for honor band.  He was so excited, so was Hubs and I.

Saturday was the first performance.  He had to meet at a local School in the town where I work.  He spent the morning learning 3 new songs and a meeting a bunch of band students from all the neighboring schools.  We picked him up for lunch and he was so happy, to tell us about the songs they were learning.

We seen him one more time before the big concert, he was all dressed up, and ready to go.

As we entered the auditorium the place was packed, we luckily got to set on the side of the stage The Boy was playing on.  They introduced the conductor and they concert was under way.  They played two songs, before he looked out into the audience, when his eyes met mine and he flashed me that smile.  My heart swelled up and I got tears in my eyes.  Yep that's MY BOY!! He's having a great time. They completed the concert.  I was amazed these were fifth and sixth grade band students.  The performance was great.  We have a few more weekend adventures in band coming up.  I'm a very proud band and sports momma right now.


  1. Being in the band (I played the trombone too!) was my favorite part of high school. I never got picked for honor band though.

  2. Great job on getting chosen for honor band! Such an accomplishment! Enjoy!