Monday, April 11, 2011

Vacation Plans

I've been thinking of vacation plans lately.  You see we haven't been on a family vacation for about 3 years. We have been on several weekend getaways.  But no real vacation.  I'm wanting to go on a cruise, never been on one.  Sounded good to me the middle of summer in OK and we go out in the ocean. 

Hubs said I needed to check in with the travel agent, so I called them up and gave them our list of cruise destinations.  Waiting to hear back.

A co-worker suggested we go to Mt. Vernon.  Hubs and The Boy are both total history buffs.  We are looking closer into this one.

Hmm.... So many choices.  Where are you going on summer vacation??


  1. I think we are staying close to home this summer. We went on a cruise last year together and had a ball! My daughter and I also went to Mt. Vernon last May and think I could live there if they would let me. As a former travel agent, going through one is your best bet...a good one will answer any questions and offer suggestions and tips. Have fun planning..that's part of the fun!

  2. Let's do a girls cruise! I want to go on one too. :) We are in the middle of planning ours as well. We are headed to Yellowstone, with lots of stops along the way & the way back. We've been married 19 years and this will just be our third vacation. LOL